Expect the Unexpected: DIY Furniture Makeovers

Old pieces can breathe new life with these DIY makeover. Whether they are oversized, underused, or just plain ugly, theres nothing that a few coats of paint and a new purpose can’t fix. Not only does repurposing old furniture save money when redecorating, but it also adds sentimentality to your project. Whether its the memories of the old dresser that yours parents received as a wedding gift or the effort you put into hand-painting your bedside table, DIY projects are rewarding and sentimental. Better Homes and Gardens gives some great ideas for furniture transformations all over the home. While looking around your own home, look for some of these tired pieces to transform into new chic additions:

The plain wooden end table

A plain, wood end table can be quite the distraction while redecorating a room. Instead of tossing it and heading down to your nearest HomeGoods for a replacement, choose a fresh new color to paint it. An easy transformation would be to paint the end table white or ivory, but try going with a color. I chose of robin’s egg blue for an old end table that was made by my uncle in a woodshop class. Martha Stewart Living offers a fun palette of pre-tinted paints at Home Depot stores.

Vintage milk and fruit crates

Although these items may not be stored away in your closet, they are cheap and accessible at antique stores and on Ebay. Crates can be used for a variety of reasons- storing books, linens, and even accessories. Many of these vintage crates come with their original labeling, and fruit crates often feature painted images. If the crates are in good condition, you can keep the original images for nostalgia, but if they are plain or too worn, you can paint them fun colors. You can stack them on their sides and make a homemade bookcase or place them on camping stools to create a one-of-a-kind linen basket.

DIY Project from Better Homes and Gardens

Industrial-looking pieces

Metal filing cabinets and toolboxes- both extremely useful and extremely unattractive pieces. Many people may think the only place for these items is in a closet, but this is not the case. While decorating my mother’s salon in a retro, 1950s decor, we found that bright red, rolling toolboxes were the perfect fit for styling stations. Using a bold color of paint (make sure you use a spray paint that is formulated for metal!) and adding a stone top to these will make them ready to shine on their own.

If you like these DIY projects, you can find more like them here. Have some nifty makeovers that you’ve done yourself? Comment and share them!


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