Dusting off the cobwebs…

Hello there!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on the blog, but I think it’s time to change that. Before I dive right back in, I wanted to give everyone an update on what I’ve been doing during my hiatus.

First comes first- this blog was created for the purpose of a class project, but I always had intended to eventually resume my blogging. Once the class project was over (I got an A!), I became wrapped up in the chaos of my last month of college.  On May 19th, I graduated from Salve Regina University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Communications.

The first 6 months of the “real world” has been a whirlwind. I spent my summer interning at Worldways Social Marketing, a small full-service marketing agency in Newport, RI. In addition to my internship, I worked at a brand-new restaurant (Midtown Oyster Bar– check it out if your ever vacationing in Newport) and at a J.Crew. Working three jobs left me little time to blog, let alone enjoy the beaches and scenery of Newport.

When fall came around, I made the move to NYC, one that I’ve been anticipating for quite sometime. I’ve been here for almost two months now and it still seems surreal sometimes. There is so much going on in New York, and I’m right in the middle of it all. Now that I am somewhat settled into my new apartment and new job, I want to start blogging again. After all, living in NYC somewhat forces a girl to be on a budget! There is inspiration everywhere in the Big Apple and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

xo Emma


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